Monday, September 04, 2006

Intelligence Amplification

I've recently looked in to two Intelligence Amplification tools. Answers and Answers, by Google and Yahoo respectively. Both have their pros and cons.

Google Answers is a fee based service. It has a small professional staff of experts.

Yahoo Answers is a Web2.0 service. Users ask and answer questions for points and levels which have small perks. These users tend to be 13 year olds with 1337 txt sklz yo. There are also some quality responses. There is a meta-ratings system in place as well, which should help the system evolve quality. It seems similar to digg or slashdot. I hope they soon have filters in place to tweak the response views or an expanding user base will lower the signal to noise ratio.

I have a lot of respect for Google, and I use most of their tools. Here however, Yahoo is clearly poised to be the best of breed.


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