Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Google Browser Sync

Google is offering a neat new Firefox extension called Google Browser Sync that allows you to sync up your web browser across multiple computers. It continually monitors bookmarks, persistent cookies, saved passwords, and history and synchronizes your profile that gets stored online. It also allows you to restore session state, such as open windows and tabs, across computers. This means you can have 10 tabs open at work and then bring them up at home in the same state. A very neat concept.

I think my favorite feature of the extension is that when you first install and run it it will merge your bookmarks across all of your computers. It also applies "conflict resolution rules" to handle any problems. This alone is worth installing the extension, even if you remove it right away. Doing a manual bookmark sync is way too much of a pain and very error prone. This makes it a breeze.

The extension dovetails with your Google Account, and all information that is stored on Google's servers is encrypted in such a way that even they would have to prove P=NP to see it.

Thanks GOOG, and keep the revolutions coming


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