Tuesday, February 28, 2006


EvokeTV is a recently launched service that will be replacing TVGuide in my bookmarks. It offers quick listings, show details and RSS feeds so you never miss a show. The RSS feeds can also be easily incorporated into a website or blog to let other people know what shows you like and what you are currently watching.

My favorite features are the speed and the absence of ads. TVGuide uses Flash, banners, pop-ups and every other scummy web design in the book, and it is often so slow that the show is off before you can find the listing. EvokeTV serves up listing instantly and with the RSS feeds you don't even need to visit the site.

This makes me think that a recent article I read about short selling the stock of companies competing with other companies that give away the same service for free might not be a bad idea. Too bad TVGuide isn't publicly owned.


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