Monday, January 09, 2006

105 inch screen from a distance of 12 feet

is 18 inches at arm's length.

eMagin has a new headset accessory in the works for Apple's Video iPod. It is a single eye version of their z800 3D Visor. I had one of the visors, but it proved to be a few generations too soon to really be useful. I have an 18 inch monitor, and it gets much better resolution than 800x600.

eMagin needs to go back to the drawing board and try to jump forward a few iterations. A single eye device for $200 more than the 60 GB iPod is not going to draw many takers. Judging by my experience with their visor it will be late and not so great as well.

Steer clear of this one.

The eMagin z800 3DVisor. For some reason I don't think we're in the Metaverse quite yet.


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